Foundations are the first part of any construction, whether it be building or a tree or a child’s future. Foundations are incredibly important to the durability of a building, and if not completed correctly, they can affect the strength and resilience of the building once completed. Similarly, for a tree to be tall, wide and strong, the roots should be deep and widespread.

The roots here are the foundation. Similar is the case with lighting a diya; if you want the diya to burn for long, the wick has to be strong. Thus, you need to ensure to make the cotton wick strong for the diya to burn for hours. This was the thought sown deep inside me during my childhood; a beautiful and practical insight provided by my father.

Thinking on the same analogy, for a child’s future to be bright, it needs to have a proper foundation. It is the mother who foremost builds the foundation for her child. Hence, being the first teacher of the child, a mother needs to adopt holistic pregnancy herself to create the right environment for the child.
Following the guidelines encrypted in holistic pregnancy will help the mother to pay attention to what’s right or wrong, and will help her appreciate the journey she is in. It is also known as ‘Garb Sanskar ’, or Prenatal Education, wherein the mother is taught to interpret the principles of life and avoid deviations from core values.

As per a study, children’s early experience shape their whole life. These early experiences lay the foundations of a child’s brain architecture, and strongly influence the strength or weakness of the child’s ability to learn, their health and their behaviour throughout their life. It is important to understand that a healthy start in life gives each child an equal chance to flourish and become an adult who contributes positively to the community, both economically and socially. There are several ways to ensure that every child benefits from healthy development so that they can contribute more effectively to building a prosperous society, the most important way of which is through right parenting!

A strong foundation requires consistent effort and a little patience. Once the bricks are laid perfectly, it will be able to stand through the storm later. A mother needs to lay down the strong foundation in the child right from conception and continue imbibing values in the infant, which will help the child to absorb the core values in an early stage, and the child shall be mentally driven with the best of ideas and optimism, and culture.

The bottom line is to be patient while building strong foundations in life. It’s important to take your time and enjoy your journey.

At the same time, remember that it’s okay to fall, as long as you remember to pick yourself up and continue moving forward.