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Pre Conception and Conscious Conception – A Journey into your wholeness...

What is Conscious Conception?

The term ‘Conscious Conception’ is the idea of setting the intention of creating and holding a loving space to call in your baby.  This ranges from food to partners, from thoughts to the environment, and beyond. We believe that when you think of preparing for conception, you must focus on preparing your body, mind and spirit to take a more holistic approach, for an even more transformative experience.

Why Pre-Conception and Conscious Pregnancy?

As we dedicate ourselves to creating healthier bodies, caring for our inner and outer environments, this course will help you to understand that prenatal care is equally important even before physically conceiving a child. Through our video lessons, you will be able to understand the importance of prenatal bonding; we share how to connect with the new soul residing inside.

Planning for a child can help in planning a child’s future.

A Child is the most precious gift of nature to a couple. It’s important to plan for your baby’s health even before you conceive. To conceive a child happily, it is necessary to take care of your health, fitness and mind.

Positive and healthful pregnancy starts before the baby even arrives.

Healthy living starts with you.

Did you know that your lifestyle choices have a direct impact on your unborn baby’s health and development?

From the very day of conception, your baby’s development is dependent on you.  So be healthy, happy and fit for your baby.

Pregnancy is an experience that all women and men must go through. It is an unforgettable experience that prepares us for the oncoming future.

Course Curriculum

11 Lessons

Section 1 -

  • Holistic Pregnancy Introduction
  • Story of Geetha Bafna
  • Experience of Motherhood
  • The Beginning of Life
  • Planning for Conception
  • Preparing your Body for Conception
  • Preparing your Mind for Conception
  • Preparing your Soul for Conception
  • Role of a Father
  • Right Age & Time for Conception
  • Conclusion of Pre Conception

1 Lesson

Section 2 -
Conscious Conception

  • Conscious Conception

1 Lesson

Section 3 -
Guided Meditation

  • Dream Meditation

Click on the course to relax your fear; embrace excitement and wonder! Nourish your seeds for their longevity, health, harmony and clarity of purpose.

Geetha Bafna

An Educationalist, a Counsellor, Passion for Yoga, Loves listening to music and Loves to be with children!

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